Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saudi Diamonds

Very early in the morning... just as the sun comes up is the time to find diamonds in the desert.

You have to leave home when it's still dark to get there at just the right time.  As the sun peeks up over the horizon, a glistening stone will stand out among the gray and brown rocks.

This is the Saudi diamond that we collected like sea glass treasure on our Oahu beaches, only much less abundant.

Below… Linda Wagner giving Sean a tutorial.   This was our first morning back after summer vacation.  Our home teachers, the Wagners knew how to seize an opportunity that is rare with teenagers.  The jet lag would have us easily awake at 4:00 a.m.  They knew when and where to take us to make this moment happen.   In life, it's always like this.  Someone cares about you and wants to share with you the treasures they have come to know.  Adding another ring to the ripple effect of shared experience.

To see if you got a good stone that can be polished into a clear, almost diamond like gem stone, you hold it up in the morning sun light and look through it's mass.

Six years ago on Sept. 18, 2009-- this content was placed in my draft folder.  Typical of unpublished drafts, it became one of many ideas that existed in e-storage, depleting the fragile momentum of writing or publishing any new content.   Today, by returning to this region, even a new place, Kuwait, I am refreshed by the circadian rhythm of going forward in time and flooded with memories and feelings that remind me of old trips and the place that I once called home.  As reminders take on a life of their own, it triggered the search for this old post.   I rummaged through dusty files of e-clutter and thanks to tender mercies,  here are a few images in the old draft.  (Last summer I lost 7 years of digital archives in a home robbery.)   What was started then, is now all that there is for this post, which was in itself, a Saudi diamond in the rough.

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